Why work for us?


The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) has a unique DNA in the association business with a low dues model that requires innovation, industry-leading products and services and world class member service. We attract top talent by being a mission driven organization that can truly affect change in our world by empowering airport executives.  How? With a rich heritage of training, professional development, and the creation of programs and products that serve the needs of airports with their mission of advancing safety, security, environmental stewardship, diversity, and beyond.  In this way our employees are allowed to do challenging, interesting, and rewarding work and become invested owners. But what also makes AAAE unique and a truly great place to work is the culture.  AAAE makes no secret that it values and is genuinely devoted to its employees and members. AAAE demonstrates this to its employees in the rich and at times, unheard of, benefits it offers employees, in the collaborative open team environment where ideas from all levels of the organization are encouraged and supported from the CEO down, in the recruiting process where no candidate is offered employment without first being interviewed and approved by two teams of AAAE employees, in the recognition and praise it gives employees for their good work with numerous awards and performance based bonuses, in the growth and ownership opportunities it gives employees, and in the personal connections it makes with its employees on a day to day basis with such things as flowers for major life events, healthy snack Mondays, office visits just to say hello from our CEO, a food truck in the summertime, massages for a wellness event, or handing out $100 bills to employees at a staff meeting to show appreciation. However, even with all of this, AAAE would not be as great a place to work, if it were not for the dedicated members that the employees have the good fortune to interact with on a regular basis and serve.  Our employees value and appreciate our members and our members value and appreciate our employees.  The desire to help them drives us all to constantly improve and innovate.  To do more, so we can give more back to our members.  So this is why you should work for AAAE, and if you need any further proof, you need only look at the statistics.  In an ever changing competitive DC market where people change careers on average six times or more, AAAE’s average tenure for employees is eight years.